Life after goal…

Before and after my 7 stone weight loss journey.
Before and after my 7 stone weight loss journey.

During my weight loss journey I believed that once I got to goal weight my life would be easy, a perfect happy ever after. The truth is, I still have to work hard to stay in shape, I still battle food demons and I have bad days.As a personal trainer and a Weight Watchers leader I meet a lot of people at various stages of their weight loss journeys, and often I wonder how much they have thought about their life after goal. So that is what this blog is about, my journey since getting to goal weight; the lessons I have learnt, the mistakes I have made, and my ongoing journey to stay healthy and happy.

The good news for anyone reading this still on their weight loss journey is that life after goal is much better than I ever dreamed. Although it’s not the perfection I imagined, it’s a million happy miles away from where I was before.

About me 

I remember the first time I ran as an adult. I don’t mean run a marathon, I just mean move at a speed faster than walking. I used to joke that I had 2 speeds: slow and stopped. Being overweight and unfit, the thought of a gym made me recoil in horror. That was 8 years ago, the old Jennie.

I lost 7 stone with Weight Watchers and completely transformed my lifestyle. Through fitness and exercise I then transformed my body. I still remember my own mortification at the thought of joining a gym, and so created set U free fitness as a private fitness studio where people can get personalised one-to-one support without the fear of being embarrassed in front of other people. Set U free offers people a safe, fun and friendly introduction to getting more active.

I am not a total fitness freak, or a slave to the gym. I exercise because I enjoy it, and when I am really not in the mood, then IMG_9965I don’t. I am terrible at anything requiring co-ordination like aerobics or step, but I love high intensity, power and strength activities like boxing, pole fitness, and weights training.

My focus is not having a rippling six pack, rather it’s being healthy and taking care of my body. Of course I enjoy having a more toned figure, but I don’t obsess about it. And that’s what set U free fitness is all about; helping people get and maintain a healthy working body, not exercising to extremes.

Having had so much success with Weight Watchers I decided to become a leader in 2014. I still follow the plan, eating a healthy balanced diet with everything in moderation. Nothing is restricted from my diet and I never feel guilty about enjoying the foods I love. My favourite treats are homemade cakes, thin crust pizzas and gin.

I am a believer in eating real food, and cooking from scratch. You don’t have to be master chef, if you can get to grips with the basics of using an oven and chopping up some fruit and veg, then you can easily follow a healthy diet without I love helping people on their weight loss journeys. Through set U free fitness I can offer people a safe and fun introduction to exercise in a private space.the need for heavily processed rubbish.

I am a proper Yorkshire girl. I like a bargain and I’m not one for pompous fuss and pretence. I shop at independent stores as much as possible to support local businesses, and because I truly believe you get better quality and better service.

I live in Leeds with my partner Mr B and our two mischievous cats. Mr B is currently on his own weight loss journey, and I love being able to repay the favour after he supported me during mine.


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